Monday, August 29, 2011

Knowing what causes men's hair loss is only half the battle, the other half is knowing how to grow it back after it's lost.

First and foremost YOU are NOT alone! Every man worries at least a little bit about losing his hair. Those who are reluctant to admit this worry are probably the ones most likely to get caught looking in the mirror for the beginning signs of baldness. Hair loss is so widespread that many men worry when will their turn arrive because there are too many reasons it could happen. Of course it is not (usually) something that one man can "catch" from another. You do however need to be conscientious of it's causes and solutions. Here in this article we will discuss each of these. Nevertheless, some studies will show you that using Saw Palmetto will prove a wise move on your part. One of the first things most guys think of when they start to lose their hair is hair transplant surgery. This is when you have hair follicles surgically implanted into your scalp. It is a little bit like a skin graft but for growing hair. This however does not turn out great for all men. Some have reported poor to no success with this procedure causing them to actually look worse than prior to surgery. Sometimes men do get the desired result and end up with great hair. The vast majority find there are obvious issues with the implants after surgery. Make sure that you talk to a good dermatologist before going this route!If you are looking for more healthy herbs, you should take a glance at Gymnema Sylvestre and read more about it.

Are you taking other prescription or over the counter drugs? Your pharmacy should mention any medications that might have hair loss as a symptom. There is no way to tell if you will have the same reaction as the next guy on the same medication. In order to treat the condition it is important to first figure out what is causing it. Definately tell your medical professional if your symptoms increase once you begin a new medication. There might be another medication that you can take or another way to treat your illness and/or hair loss.

Believe it or not, that's your choice, but stress really is a factor in hair loss in fact it's a major factor.

Better control of your personal stress is one of the most effective ways to manage hair loss in men. If you reduce your stress levels you will also probably have a much easier time coming to terms with the hair loss that you have already been experiencing. Take a yoga class or even a karate class as a means for reducing your stress levels. Try to get a grasp of what causes your day to day stress and get it under control. Noone can tell for sure just how many causes there are for hair loss. You also have many options to treat and prevent or reduce the effects on your scalp. Make an appointment to see your doctor. He might have ideas of other methods you should consider. Of course the Mel Tomey look is always an option when you have decided it's too difficult to deal with medical treatment.